What Can a Bus Monitor do?

One of the most crucial skills of the bus monitor is interaction. His/her proficiency include verbal expression and also other kinds of speaking, for instance written word, motion, body language, or maybe facial foundation expression towards college students, bus drivers, parents, plus the school or travel .

A monitor shall:
1. Have punctual attendance. The driver cannot wait for the bus monitor on the school bus.
2. The monitor shall be on the bus from the time the first student is picked up in the morning and in the afternoon until the last student is dropped off.
3. There shall be a designated location on the school bus, preferably in the back, for the monitor to sit so all children can be monitored and given maximum supervision.
4. The monitor shall be alert at all times to the needs of the students and to interact when necessary.
5. LCD monitor will be trained in the use of the lift and tie down systems for students in wheelchairs and mobility devices. When the bus driver and bus monitor loads a student the other should always double-check all straps, belts, harnesses, and wheelchair tie downs.
6. Become familiar with the emergency evacuation plan and be prepared to evacuate the bus in the event of an emergency.
7. If the bus driver and bus monitor are transporting the medically fragile student, each should be trained either by a physician of the student or the local system nurse.
8. The monitor should be knowledgeable of the route. It is suggested that monitors obtain a copy of the route information and phone numbers of the parents from the driver.
9. The lcd monitor must respect the confidentiality of students. Any information that is acquired in the course of job responsibilities related to the children or to an incident on the lcd bus monitor should be kept confidential; it should not be discussed with co-workers who do not have a need to know.
10. While the driver is responsible for fueling and ensuring the bus is in for service and maintaining all the mechanics of the bus, the bus monitor is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the inside of the school bus.
11. The bus monitor is responsible for insuring all equipment that is not being used is placed in a proper storage area.
12. A good working relationship between driver and monitor is based on respect for each other and for the students.

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