The Correct Approach to Learning Dance

Having a clear understanding of what it takes to glean the most from dance lessons is critical for forward progress. Without a clear and organized plan, it can be quite easy to fall into a lackadaisical mood and procrastination. A structured approach to learning will increase the results of a student’s dance lessons tremendously.That is why the dance school should have a program with clear and age-level appropriate goals that all the students understand and could achieve should they follow the teacher’s instructions closely.

Set Clear Goals

It is imperative for the dance program to define clear-cut goals before starting the first dance lesson. A clear vision of what skills are to be honed and a plan to systematically achieve those steps should be set in place. This provides the student with clear guidelines of what is expected, and it gives the teacher a clear measuring stick to gauge the student’s progress. Both add confidence and enthusiasm to the student’s learning process.

Follow the Teacher’s Instructions

It’s quite easy, especially after getting comfortable with dance routines, for a student to think that they know better than the teacher. However, having such an attitude can be harmful and even devastating to a dance progress.

Teachers teach for a reason. They have the appropriate skill and knowledge to guide students away from erroneous habits and towards better technique. When a student acquires an obstinate attitude toward a teacher’s guidance, slight mistakes in technique can turn into debilitating habits which can become very difficult to correct. A teacher has the advantage of seeing the student from an outside view and can easily correct errors before they become habits.

Proper Concentration and Focus

Concentration and focus are important in dance or any other art form, and the student must develop the skill of proper concentration and focus in order to progress at a good pace. What this entails is for the student to focus on the topic being taught at the moment since it is impotent to apply previous knowledge at the same time. The nature of dance requires that all the skills known so far should be applied in order to be successful with the new dance material. Dancing relies on building knowledge as you are building a tower – a stepping stone at a time until the entire building is complete. Should any level misses the building is very likely to fall apart. Practice sessions are the proper atmosphere for putting it all together into a smooth and rhythmic form.


Practice is probably the most important aspect of learning to dance after the initial correct instruction. You’ve heard the saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” That is exactly the attitude that dancers have who become good in their chosen dance field. The more one practices, the easier it becomes to perform moves correctly and the more ingrained into one’s subconscious the techniques become. With continued practice, soon the moves will become as automatic and thoughtless as walking or talking.

Remember, for success in your selected field of dance, set clear goals of achievement, closely follow the teacher’s instructions, focus exclusively on each lesson and practice regularly. Soon you can be wowing the crowds with your incredible dance moves!

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