study guide by Barbarary

Sun has been in the field of technical and UNIX market share leader; has introduced Java technology in recent years, have become industry standards. So Sun certification exam held by the company, must be Java and UNIX in the global information industry accepted standards.

Sun introduced the following three types of professional certification:
SUN Certification Category
Java certification exams
On the Java side, Sun introduced four certification: Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Java Developer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology.

Solaris Certification Introduction
Solaris System Administration certification exam
On Solaris / Sun OS System Administrator, Sun launched Certified Solaris Administrator. SCSA 310-202 were two levels (Part I and Part II), test your understanding of Solaris system administration.

Solaris network administration exam

To test the ability of users to network management for Solaris, Sun launched Certified Network Administrator (SCSA10 Certification). Including basic network concepts, Routing and Subnet, Security, Performance, DNS, NIS +, etc.

To successfully pass the exam, from the following aspects:
1. Classical training or self-Java programs. If you have C language and object-oriented basis, just self-SL275 courses and JDK1.4 API, or should participate in appropriate training courses to learn. I object-oriented C language and have some basis, at the same time participated in the 310-302 courses.
2. Determine the test version, a clear test of knowledge and knowledge point of the test point of difficulty. Currently there are two versions of the SCJP 1.2 exam, and 1.4.

On the test Wrapper classes, Collections, hashcode () and equals () method of the subject to seriously view the API documentation (Sun official website provides a link to download can also be viewed online at the Sun Web site, and you can in a professional training site Exam Testinside view) and take notes for later reference. Consolidation of knowledge points by doing problems, adapt test item types, identify trouble spots, while knowledge of the leak points have also played a role filled.

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