Maximum Ownage with Console Control’s Custom Xbox 360 Controllers

If you want to have an upper hand on your gaming, then its about time you purchased custom Xbox 360 controllers form The Firestorm modded controller will send you on a ruthless murdering spree guaranteed to wipe out your opponents in the easiest way possible! How can custom Xbox 360 controllers help you own the game? Simple. The Firestorm controller gives you a formidable firing rate that could shatter your opponents in a snap. With seven completely adjustable modes for trigger selection, you can get up to 25 shots per second on your Call of Duty Black Ops game. This controller is the perfect weapon for vengeance. Is there anyone bullying you on Xbox live? The only blood anyone will be seeing is theirs. Its time for a merciless bloodbath where only you can call the shots!

Custom Xbox 360 controllers from Console Control come with a multitude of attractive features other modded controllers don’t have. The controller equips you with fully adjustable triggers that can be set to either on or off. The full burst rate control allows you to ingeniously set the amount of ammo fired in just one pull of the trigger, giving you the chance to experiment on what makes the meanest killing machine! Only the latest and the sleekest Xbox controllers are used and modded to give you a high quality product that truly works. The black Firestorm comes from the original Black Ops Xbox controller, so you get genuine products along with your genuine games!

The Firestorm controller is by far, the strongest modded controller up to date. You can program your shots to 0.1 a second, and up to a staggering 25 button presses per second in 250 different speeds. Just imagine how a flimsy pistol would function when equipped with this controller. Your pathetic handgun can turn into a powerful submachine gun, all with just a press of a button!

Other modded controllers only work on a small number of games. Console Controls custom Xbox 360 controllers work in any game you can think of, from first-person shooter games, to the plethora of fighting games. If you’re a pathetic little loser in Street Fighter, Console Controls custom Xbox 360 controllers are bound to make the tables turn! Acquire maximum ownage in almost any game you can think of!

Console Controls custom Xbox 360 controllers allow you to fashion the device in however way you can think of. Depending on the game being played, you can adjust the rapid-fire controller to create a device that’s bound to always let you win. With over 1000 different set-up combinations, how else can you lose? If you’re tired of being plastered to death by pistols when you’re just about to make a shot, this controller will change your life. Armed with nothing but a handgun, you can journey through the deserts and hide behind thickets to snipe and brutally kill unwary visitors. Console Controls custom Xbox 360 controllers are every gamers dream come true! Access today!

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