Love just Like the Mobile Phone

Love likes a mobile phone which always keeps silent when you aspire to an appeal, but the

rings when you’re not ready. Consequently, they often lack the sweetness of the other end.

Love is a phone that is rarely abroad program-controlled or direct. You cannot get an

immediate response to “hello”, let alone go deep into the heart of your lover with a call.

Normally, it should be released by an operator, and be patient in waiting. Destiny is the

operator of this phone, which is still irresponsibly and happy jokes that can make you a

victim throughout the intentional or unintentional.

Love is a phone that is always busy when you’re ready to die for love, you will not find

his disappointment, the line is already occupied by another person, and is greeted by a

busy. This is an eternal regret transmitted from generation to generation and you’re one of

those consumed for the fans.

Love is a phone, but it is difficult to grasp the center of time the numbers, and you can

let the opportunity pass, if the call is too early or too late.

Love is a phone that does not always associated with happiness. Honeyed words to transmit

sound waves, but when the lovers are reunited, the telephony server with no result, many

fans argue that marriage is a punishment for love.

Love is a phone that when you use it for the first time, makes you so nervous and excited

that you either hold the receiver upside down or call the wrong number. When you have

calmed down, you showed a loss, you must make the call.

Love is a telephone, which has often crossed the line. And this usually happens to you

unexpectedly. My life is either over or crossed out. In both cases it refers to as

“triangulation.” Fortunately, all these events are transient.

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