How to Introduce Your Kids to Music and Instruments

Studies have shown that children who listen, play or sing music on a regular basis grow up to have to be more confident, better in math, more independent, and more focused than their counterparts who were not exposed to music. This is why, as a parent, you probably want to introduce your kids to music and instruments not only so they can find their passion in this niche, but also so that their mental capabilities will be honed. You may find musical instruments ideal for your child at stores like Sam Ash or Guitar Center. Here is some information on how to introduce your kids to music and instruments.
Play Music at Home

Playing music at home all the time is obviously much better than having the television ramble on and on in the background. While it would be great to invest in classical CDs for infants and toddlers that are effective in stimulating their brains, it would also be fine to play whatever it is you have in your music collection. Whether it’s the Beatles, Bach, Jason Mraz or Red Hot Chili Peppers, it would achieve the same effect of stimulating your kid’s brain activity. This would introduce them to a variety of musical styles and not just limit their knowledge to a particular genre. Don’t just play music to lull your kids to sleep; you should also do this while they are playing and doing any other activities. It’s also relaxing and comforting for them.
Teach Them about Sounds, Beats and Patterns

During playtime, incorporate music lessons by teaching your kids how to recognize different sounds, beats and patterns. Have them listen to noises that can be heard everyday like the ticking of the clock or the sound of an automobile. Once they become an expert on everyday sounds, move on to having them listen to real music, which they will slowly but surely learn to recognize on their own as days go by.
Give Your Child a Music Box

Bequeath your child with a gift of a music box that holds a collection of various instruments like a drum, guitar, bell, flute and more. This way, you will be able to find out which instrument your child is more inclined to. Don’t force your child to play the instrument that you like; instead let your kid explore his musical passion and find out for himself what he wants to play.
Take Your Kids to Musical Venues and Events

Musical events like ballet, concerts and dance parties are perfect for a child who’s beginning to learn about music. You can also take them to museums, music stores, libraries and performing art centers so they will further develop love and appreciation for music.
Enroll Your Child in a Music Program

If you see that you child is becoming serious in his passion for music and you feel that he is at the right age and maturity level, you may enroll him in a music program. Look for a reputable music center that will hone your child’s musical potentials. A music program can be anything from singing, playing instruments, dancing and so on.

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