Hen Do London – The Evolution of the Hen Do

A hen do is not a novel concept. Just as men have been regularly hanging out with their mates and buddies to have a good time, women have been indulging in hen party to take the stress out of their daily lives. However, over time, hen night have evolved and the activities that women indulge in have changed significantly. Let us look at hen do London, for instance.

Traditional Hen Do London

It is true that London offers many options for a hen weekend. The typical hen do London options include dining, theater, clubbing, etc. Some spice may be added to these activities by hiring a limo or even a fire truck and getting a couple male strippers to accompany and perform for the ladies. However, such a hen do London is now considered passé and boring, mainly because each activity is one-dimensional and there is a lot of traveling involved.

Trendy Hen Do London

The most trendy hen ideas in London today is a comedy show that is geared towards entertaining women. These comedy shows have every feature of a perfect hen weekend ideas, starting with male strippers, of course, but also including drag queens, comedy routines, games and gaffs, numerous gifts and giveaways, top DJs as well as drinks and dinner. As you can imagine, these comedy shows have become extremely popular amongst women who are celebrating their hen do in London.

Reason For Success

The most important reason for success of these comedy shows on the hen weekend London scene is that they portray evolution. From being one-dimensional, these shows now offer unique all round entertainment. Instead of going to different venues for different types of entertainment, these comedy shows integrate various exciting features under one roof at the same time. Get the various Hen Do ideas from web and enjoy your hen do in London.

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