Help Deciding On The Best Location For Your Exhibition Stand

The number of potential visitors to your stand can very much depend and be influenced by where your stand is located. As with buying property, the most important aspect is location and the same goes for your stand. After all, it will be the home of your company for the duration of the trade show.
You should consider paying a visit to the venue during another show prior to your own so that the flow of people and customer behaviours can be identified, as well as spotting areas where visitors are less likely to venture though, so you will know to avoid them. During larger shows customers will often miss certain locations due to the sheer vastness of the exhibition, so you should consider the location of your own stand very carefully to best avoid this situation.

If available you may consider a corner stand as they give off a feeling of openess which is always appealing and can draw in customers.

Occasionally placing a stand on the outskirts of the venue can be an effective method. Convenience outlets such as food and toilets are positioned there and passing custom can be savily attracted. On the other hand this sometimes can be a bad thing if the show is busy as these areas are likely to get congested. Also on the topic of potential negative positions a lot of venders try to avoid stands directly opposite the visitors entrance because often customers just walk past to get in to the bulk of the show.

Your companies main competitors will attract potential customers who will obviously fit in to your target market, so posistiong your stand near rivals can produce a positive result. Also other exibitors may be selling products that are relevant to your own niche, by posistioning yourself near them also can be beneficial.

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