Faiz Ahmad Faiz

After Iqbal in 20th century the name of Faiz Ahmed Faiz is at the top amongst many new comers in this field (Poetry).He started his poetry in 1930, it has been continuing in the middle of 1980. So period of nearly half century was covered by his poetry. This period was not simple one. It was full of sad moments and revolutions. History never shows the examples like these.
Faiz Ahmad Faiz feels it deeply from surroundings like a sensitive human being. Then the feelings and emotions of a great poet came in to being like Naqsh Faryadi, Daste Saba, Zandan nama, Sare vadi sena, Shame share yaran, Meray dill mery musafar and Gubre Iyam for the Nation.
Faiz Ahmed Faiz was well-liked in the world. Russia was the second home for Faiz Ahmad Faiz. He was impressed by the Russian revolution. He also wrote a lot of on Russian revolution. He was married with Russian woman Alas Faiz. He was bon in February 13, 1911.
In a definite period of his life, Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a communist and was linked with the Communist Party of Pakistan. He used up much of the 1950s and 1960s to covey the message of communism in Pakistan. At The time, when Faiz Ahmed Faiz was editor of the Pakistan Times (a well published newspaper in Pakistan) of the 1950s, he made editorial column support to the party. He was also concerned in the circle lending support to the persons of the military department. The famous name in this connection was Maj Gen. Akbaar Khaan.
His poetry has been translated to many other languages like Russian and English.
He has two daughters Monnesa and Salima hasmai from British wife.
Faiz Ahmad Faiz was also awarded with Lenin peace Prize in 1963. He was also nominated for Nobel price in 1984. He was died in 1984.
The anniversary of Fiaz Ahmed Faiz is celebrated by all his lovers living in different parts of the wolrd.

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