Expand Your Thinking and Opportunities Operational Excellence, E-Governments and Performance in Government

Because of its ubiquitous nature, the Internet has become a successful medium for facilitating interaction between businesses, government, suppliers, and the general public. This is a very active area for standards developers as well as system implementers. The registries that are the focus of this Open Forum play important roles in electronic business and some, e.g., XML registries and UDDI are direct results of efforts in this area.

The emphasis on electronic business is expanding the concept of electronic commerce beyond the traditional perceptions of purchasing and paying using standard transaction sets. Implementation of electronic business expands our thinking and opportunities to include the relationships among buyers and sellers, their agents and third parties and takes advantage of the significant process improvement and re-engineering opportunities available through the implementation of electronic business concepts and technologies.

Understanding the strategic opportunities, risks, challenges, and technology limitations is essential to building interesting business models. Its important that governments learn about technologies used to implement E-commerce, E-business, M-commerce, and E-government solutions, and how to analyze several business and government models from both the strategic and technological perspective.

Andrew Wasser, the Associate Dean of The Heinz College’s School of Information Systems and Management at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. will be giving a detailed training module titled “Operational Excellence, E-Govt. and Performance in Government” in the Madinah Institute for Leadership & Entrepreneurship’s next executive education program; Leadership Program on High Performance Governments which will be commencing May 7th and ends May 11th, 2011 and will be held in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Andrew is also responsible for three of the highest ranked graduate level programs in applied business/information technology in the nation and is Executive Director of Carnegie Mellon’s CIO Institute. Dean Wasser teaches classes in Global IT Management and IT Delivery in Complex Organizations to masters’ students and in executive education programs.

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