Common Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea or commonly known as clap is an infection that is transmitted sexually. Triggered by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the usual symptoms of gonorrhea in men is an inflamed sensation during urination. Common gnonorrhea symptoms for men include penile discharge not unlike the vaginal discharge experienced by women afflicted with the same disease. However, women who have the clap are asymptomatic most of the time and they also experience nagging pelvic pains. Men and women who exhibit gnonorrhea symptoms, if left untreated for a significant period of time, tends to encounter pelvic inflammatory diseases such as epididymitis. This ailment spreads throughout the body and it is strong enough to affect the heart valves and the joints. Needless to say, this sexually transmitted disease can be very fatal but you can fight this during its early stages if you are aware of this early type.

Gnonorrhea symptoms usually persists during or between the twentieth day after one is infected by the sexually transmitted disease. You must be aware that the incubation period of  the Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a period of ten to twenty days. However, you must also be aware that around 30% to 60% of people who are infected by the disease do not show common type. The problem with this is most people do not show them throughout their lifetimes so detecting the disease at an early stage for preventive treatment can be difficult.

Gnonorrhea symptoms for women are characterized by excruciating pain during urination, post-coitus bleeding, projectile urination, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Other ones for women are inflammation of the cervix accompanied with pus, production of male hormones, cramps, excessive vomiting, fever, and acute vaginal bleeding in between menstrual periods.

The ones for men, on the other hand, include the production of gleet or urethral pus discharge and unbearable pain during urination. Advance gnonorrhea symptoms however, may include swelling and pain in the scrotum area. Adult males, however, may also experience gnonorrhea symptoms like blurry vision on one eye.  As you can see, these early types can develop into more serious problems to your health. To avoid this, make sure that you have your regular checkup. A simple visit to your doctor, every now and then, can guarantee that you do not have these.

Adults may face great sexual health risks especially if they have an active sexual life. Whether you live a conventional or unconventional lifestyle, having yourself checked for early gnonorrhea symptoms can make a huge difference in your sexual health.

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