Choosing Your Musical Instrument

Pick a instrument your passionate about, Ask yourself if that instrument is the one you will stick with or better yet make a list of several musical instruments that interests you, then evaluate each, the one that appeals to you most, commit and stick to learning that one. By narrowing the field down in this fashion you will be so happy with your choice that it will give you incentive to enjoy every minute of your learning experience.

There is no telling what you can accomplish by learning to play a musical instrument of your choice; you might even earn your lively hood as an accomplished musician. You would be able to teach and help someone to learn to play their musical instrument, and there is no greater reward than helping some striving person to acquire the knowledge that you have been blessed with.

Money can’t buy that satisfaction you would receive for you effort of helping that some one, and the person you helped would be so grateful that maybe they would end up doing the same thing that you are doing. Wow! look at the cycle that you would be creating. The old adage of what goes around comes around would certainly ring true.

Now in learning your chosen instrument, do you want to self learn or do you want to take lessons from a qualified teacher, one on one, or in a group setting with other students. Lessons, one on one, would be a little more expensive than say in a group setting.

Private lessons with a qualified teacher would be advisable if you could afford private lessons, because the teacher would only be concerned with you, and not a group. I believe private lessons run about $14 or $15 dollars an hour. Your financial situation would determine which way to go.
Basil Murphy

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