Buy Paintings – It’s a Good Idea

As you buy art paintings it is only natural to have your mind on the present time. Much of the time so much of our focus is on what we want to do with the painting once we get it home that we forget that this investment is an enduring one. Unlike other art forms, an oil painting created by a skilled artist is capable of lasting for hundreds of years with the proper care. Before the invention of the camera, paintings were one of the primary ways that images of history were recorded. In our modern day of sound bites and video clips we may not rely upon oil paintings as our ancestors once did, but we can certainly appreciate them. If you buy art paintings they will likely become a lasting part of your family treasure that is passed down from generation to generation.

Buy Art Paintings and Exhibit Them

Even if you don’t have a flare for interior design you probably know where you would like to hang your new painting. Take a few moments to consider a few guidelines before you put your new found art on exhibition.

Be careful not to place your oil painting in an area that experiences humidity. Exposure to humidity will greatly reduce both the quality and the life span of your painting. Central heat and air is a wonderful innovation but it can cause extremely dry air. Most of us counteract the dryness with a humidifier. Take care that you don’t place a humidifier near a painting. Large fish tanks also create a lot of humidity in their vicinity so hang your art work well away from them. Another area in the home to avoid is near the bathroom.

Too much sunlight will cause us to age prematurely and it has the same effect on oil paintings. Even a little sunlight will have an adverse effect on your painting. Be sure that sunlight doesn’t shine on an area of your wall during any part of the day before you hang your painting.

Extremely hot or cold temperatures will negatively affect your painting as well. Art usually experiences temperatures like these when it is in storage. Store oil paintings in your home when they are not out for show. Keep them in a place where the temperature and humidity would be comfortable for you. That means no attics, sheds, or storage units.

Buy Art Paintings and Perform Proper Maintenance

There are some rules to follow once you buy art paintings. Following these rules will extend the life of your paintings. Never handle a painted canvas without gloves on. The oils in your skin will damage the canvas and break it down over time. Only dust the canvas when it is absolutely necessary. When it is time to dust your painting, use a dry, soft bristled brush. Last of all; always take your painting to a reputable professional if repairs are required. A bad repair job will only make damage look worse.
In conclusion, buy art paintings, show them off, take good care of them, and one day your great grandchildren will be able to get as much enjoyment out of them as you did.
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